Intro to roses

Well I guess an intro to myself is necessary to get this rolling. I am a 24 year old woman who works with developmental disabled children, am working on my masters degree, have a great family and awesome friends, and I have depression and anxiety. I don’t want to go much deeper than that because my later posts will clearly give you a bigger picture of me. I have suffered from depression since I was 14 years old and anxiety has gradually produced it’s way into my life. This blog is a chance for me to share my experiences and hopefully connect with readers. For a long time I figured my depression automatically made me alone in the world. What I’ve come to realize is, it’s not that I’m alone as in the only one who suffers from this, but maybe alone in the sharing department. Mental illness has such a stigma attached to it, that for many, keeps them isolated and ashamed. I’ve had enough of feeling guilty because my mind works differently, sometimes destrucively. It’s who I am and who many others are. We cannot change this fact about us, so let’s embrace it; darkness and all. Please please if you feel any negative way towards mental illness, let me bluntly say, MOVE ALONG. This will not be the blog for you and honestly I do not want to hear anything you say; I have heard it all.

For those who will actually take something from this blog, thank you for being openminded and reading what I have to say. I hope you can feel a since of comfort knowing that someone may feel the same way you do.

Stars can’t shine without darkness.


2 thoughts on “Intro to roses

  1. How very brave of you to share your experiences! As someone who also struggles with depression and anxiety (as well as helping others I love with their journies) I know how isolating and terrifying it can be to even admit what is truly going on, let alone is such an open and honest way. But having been honest, I have learned that the support and love you gain from sharing your story, learning that you are not alone, and having a community of people who understand and embrace you for exactly who you are is amazingly powerful.
    I hope you continue to post insightful, honest posts to help others understand how you participate in the world.


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