Claritin Clear

After seven years of therapy I have finally been given a diagnosis of what I call my slow motion feeling. She says it’s called dissociation and it’s my brains way of protecting myself if I feel in danger. It usually occurs after a trauma like my own. It makes complete sense because I didn’t always get this feeling. I can think of a couple examples to help explain how it feels.

Okay, you’re the typical hot chick in a horror movie. You’re home alone and hear a noise down the dark hallway. The slow eerie feeling you have waiting for something to jump out at you and hurt you.


You are having a out of body experience and watching your life on a movie reel. You have no control over what happens in this world but you see everything. Set the scene to the mall around Christmas time. It’s packed, the lights are too bright, the music is too loud, and the decorations are too corny. You’re watching a bad Christmas movie.


You’re the star of the Claritin allergy medicine commercial. You are seeing life through the fogged lens (your depression/anxiety). It’s not until the lens is lifted that you feel really in this world.

ClaritinTatiana_tn                      Live Claritin Clear


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