I’m not sorry.

I have recently been told that the universe tests you by providing situations for you to conquer something you struggle with and will continue to until it is no longer an issue for you. At first I kind of laughed this off but as I sat with this statement over the weekend, I realized this has proven to be very true for me. Ever since I was 17 there have been people, relationships, situations, and circumstances that have ultimately come down to the ability to stand up for yourself. As I look back there are countless times my life gave me chances to do so; some I took advantage and others I didn’t.

After someone also told me recently that I say sorry too much, it hit me. I spend half of my day worrying that I won’t please someone or that I’m not good enough. I waste any chance of joy in my day because I care more about other people than myself. For someone who has the biggest heart in the world, it falls short on taking care of me. I can’t have another day where I catch myself saying sorry at least 16 times a day.  I need to stop apologizing for things I can’t control, stop apologizing for being me, stop apologizing for simply being.

Freedom is being yourself without feeling the need to apologize for who you are.


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