Found a crumpled note in pocket…

Sometimes when I really need to get something out, I write it down. Most of the time these thoughts get lost in the shuffle or my purse. So when I find them later on, its a bit of puzzle of my mindset at a certain moment in my life. At times I can recall the circumstances and others I can’t pinpoint a situation.  This note found in a ball in my pocket is a little fuzzy but a great representation of how my brain works.


One thing I can say is my state of mind has shifted immensely since I have learned more about my disease. It’s easy for outsiders to shovel out advice or to judge, but lets think about it. I  wouldn’t give moral advice that is paired with a  disease that I have never experienced. To me, that is something that fuels my anger toward my mental illness. The stigma is beyond strong and yet people can still lecture me on how I should nurture, heal, and grow from my depression.

Hey guess what. If you have never been on this roller coaster yourself, please spare me on the how to’s of a productive everyday life. Most days my productive life is simply getting out of bed and making it through a day.


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