Brain break please

Recently did this activity to practice mindfulness. For me it’s a break where my thoughts are solely on one focal point and not a million negative things. I tend to ruminate in the past or worry about the future, constantly giving myself anxiety over things I can’t change or things that haven’t yet happened.  Being mindful is a skill derived from DBT; dialectal behavior therapy. This skill is to bring you back to the present moment.

The following activity gave me such a sense of relief after a troubling day I had. I hope it brings the same for you.


For this exercise, you need an orange or a tangerine or grapefruit; or fruit with a peel.

Put the orange on a dish in front of you. Look at the orange. Think about where it came from. The orange tree where it grew. The other oranges in the orange grove. The sun shining down. The warm rain. Think about this orange being picked from the tree.

Observe it’s color. It’s shape. Are there marks on its skin? Is it exactly round? is it all orange in color? What else do you see about it?

Now pull off the top of the orange. Smell the orange smell. Notice the mist that rises from the orange. Pick the orange up and smell it. Pull a strip of peel off the orange. Pull the white off the peel. Rub the peel. Feel its oiliness. Smell it. Does it have a bitter smell?

Now peel a section of the orange big enough to eat. Is it easy or hard to peel? Pick up a segment of orange. Look at it. Smell it. Feel it. Does it have seeds? How many? What does it smell like? Is your mouth watering? Now bite into it. Taste the juice. Does it drip on your fingers or your chin? Feel the drips? Taste the sweetness of the juice. After you swallow the orange, how do you feel?

Now peel and eat the rest of the orange. Don’t hurry. Enjoy and savor the orange. Eat slowly. Is there juice on the plate or table? Let it linger, and smell the aroma of the juice. When you are done, wipe up the juice and put your napkin on your plate. Is your napkin orange?

You have just one-mindfully eaten an orange. For those few minutes, your whole attention was on eating that orange, and on fully experiencing everything there was to experience about eating that orange.


Now for the skeptics; I know how ridiculous it may sound or seem to take time to concentrate on food. But for someone who’s mind is constantly going a mile a minute, that time to slow down feels like an overwhelming calm. I have tried to explain how my mind works to people and can’t get the extent of my exhaustion to come across. So read this and imagine thinking these jumbled thoughts; again this is just to try to show how my mind can get away from me.


:Alarm goes off:

uhhhhh..I don’t want to get out of bed

Im warm

It will be cold


Geese is plural


central park geese


turkey trot

I threw up last race

time to get ready

nothing to wear

different outfit everyday until new years-junior yr




hate it

21 1 19 locker combo

everyone shared my locker

D Wing





bus ride

that time we ate fried chicken and potato salad

I don’t talk to any of them anymore

o well

they don’t care, why do i

Why are thinking about this

stop yelling at your self

you are literally fighting inside your head

you’re dumb

Stop sign

redirect thoughts

deep breaths





Typically that will be estimated time of getting up out of bed. So if I can change that into thinking about an orange peel; damn straight I’m peeling that fruit.


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