Do you hear what I hear

As part of my healing process from working with my trauma in therapy, I began looking for other ways to surround myself with positive energy. I found a yoga studio that offered a sound healing class. At first I was skeptical but I thought what can it hurt? And no this isn’t any sort of witchcraft or voodoo. It’s simply using sound frequencies to bring your brainwaves to a more neutral pattern. The rhythmic frequencies of a flute or singing bowls make it easier for your brain to settle in on the pattern like sounds. In doing this you allow your brain to settle and hopefully bring your body to a more calm state.

I have to say since participating in a class this past Sunday, I feel more in tune with my thoughts. The only way to explain it is for an hour and half I retrained my brain. After trauma, the human brain is in a constant fight or flight state for any potential danger. The problem is I’m not in constant danger, all day everyday. With this constant state I experience panic attacks, extreme exhaustion, depression, etc. Sound healing allowed me to send signals to my brain that I was okay and didn’t need that protection. While I don’t know how long this will last, I do know now that I have an option to go to to tell my brain to knock it off.  And that is a very empowering thing. I have the upper hand.

The following link gives a brief overview of sound healing if interested! highly recommend looking into it!


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