Social Disease


-Mwende “FreeQuency” Katwiwa



A letter of apology from myself Rock turners victim and any woman who’s ever survived sexual assault I’m sorry I know truly I am Im sorry for so many things to so many people through so many times but most of all I’m sorry I believe these lies I guess it should come as no surprise at the right to my body’s a social disguise based on the notion that a man has a right to anything in his eyes for my thighs to my hair right no not my dreads but the ones down there as long as my skirt was short enough to invite him to stare so I’m sorry I apologize for this disguise that I put on but I’m so glad you knew it was meant to turn you on because the clothes that I wear have no significance to me as a human being rather they’re meant for you to define me by what you’re seeing believing my hemline  determines my inner being I invite you  to invite you look down upon me will I suffocate beneath this glass ceiling so forgive me forgive me please for not getting the memo that if I drink a little bit too much I go from being a woman to a ho for forgetting that if I sit drinks and liquor shouldn’t be the only thing i expect down my throat because if I’m not really asking for it then he really won’t now I’m not sure if my apologies coming off entirely too sincerely so let me take a minute to break it down for y’all a little bit more clearly this apology is a symptom of a social disease seen from football rosters in Ohio to buses in New Delhi without brakes of slut-shaming and victim-blaming mentalities and no cure in sight under this current system of patriarchy we’ve got invisible wars even visible scars on members of our nation’s  military and don’t get start on what the hell is going on politically see I’d write my local politician but he’s probably taking the lead on defining rape in terms of such as legitimacy in fact the following is a list of exact quotations taken from politicians in the United States of America rape victims should make the most of a bad situation Rick Santorum former presidential hopeful some girls rape easy Roger Brevard former Wisconsin congressman rape is like bad weather if it’s inevitable you should relax and enjoy it Clayton Williams former contender for Texas governor see this disease has reached the top of our nation’s leadership to the point of being endemic but even without a medical degree I’ve got a four step regiment that’s sure to end it number one remember rape is not about sex it’s about power and privilege and if you don’t believe me take a detour into our nation’s prison systems number two don’t teach women self-defense modest dress or other ways to avoid being raped initially and said why not foster a culture that teaches men not to rape indiscriminately number three the case makes it to court I’ve got advice for those on the bench perceptions of character are not as important as evidence and number four if a person is raped look for the rapist and not the reason that one shouldn’t have to to rhyme


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